Our team

Sensorea is focused on the reduction of the environmental impacts. This requires the following technical and soft skills : HVAC, electrical, environmental and IT engineering, management, investigation, communication and training.

Chloé Ponsart

Engineer, Owner, Founder, General Manager

Innovation and monitoring expert

Contact me : chloe.ponsart@sensorea.be

Frédéric Musin

PhD and Engineer, Owner, Founder, General Manager

Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the automation industry. Skilled in electronics, environment, process engineering and energy. Masters in Engineering and Environmental sciences. PhD focused on Sensing from UMONS, Belgium.

Contact me : frederic.musin@sensorea.be

Julien Lefèvre

BMS expert and project manager

Contact me : julien.lefevre@sensorea.be

Louis Mus

Monitoring expert and project manager


Contact me : louis.mus@sensorea.be

Julie Bastien

Project manager

Master in Geology and Mining Engineering from UMons, Belgium. Skilled in data processing, modelling, and problem solving. 10+ years experience in groundwater flow modelling for water resources management. Joined the Sensorea team in September 2021  to conduct environmental audits to set recycling, reduction and diversion targets and provide an action plan.

Contact me : julie.bastien@sensorea.be

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