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SENSOREA, sensing and (re)acting for the environment

Founded in 2020 by two enthusiastic engineers, SENSOREA is devoted to the protection of the environment. The purpose of this blog is to explain how savings and impact reduction are achieved. Let’s sense and (re)act for the planet.

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Fresh air vs COVID-19

According to REHVA’s recommendations, ventilation measures (and fresh air flowrate in particular) are the most important engineering controls in the risk of the spread of COVID-19 in indoor spaces. However, an additional supply of fresh air without precaution can lead to significant overconsumption of energy in buildings (up to more than 50% of overconsumption in heatLire la suite « Fresh air vs COVID-19 »

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SENSOREA provides sensing, monitoring, alarming, forecasting and investigation services to decrease environmental impacts (water consumption, wastes production, energy consumption, …). Our strategy is action-oriented and is supported by monitoring and machine-learning forecasting tools.

Sensorea optimises energy & water costs at The Hotel Brussels with Energis.Cloud

Finding a balance between occupants’ comfort & energy consumption is quite a challenge. At The Hotel Brussels (Pandox AB), the energy service company Sensorea installed Energis.Cloud in 2018 to monitor remotely water and energy consumption as well as temperature in order to prevent wastes mainly due to water leakages and equipment dysfunctions. With the COVID-19 crisis, remote monitoringLire la suite « Sensorea optimises energy & water costs at The Hotel Brussels with Energis.Cloud »

COOTECH ASLSTOM / B-SENS research project conclusion

We have just completed the « COOTECH Smart Micro Sens » research project subsidized by the Walloon Region and the European Union. This project now allows SENSOREA to open up the field of application of its optical fiber sensor ( to the measurement of mechanical stresses thanks to the use of Bragg gratings. We would like toLire la suite « COOTECH ASLSTOM / B-SENS research project conclusion »

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