IoT sensors for HVAC and their impacts on GHG, an LCA approach

To achieve and improve energy optimization and savings, monitoring and metering are used daily by the Sensorea team. IoT Meters have been deployed for 2 years in several buildings in order to detect leaks, drifts in energy consumption, overheating,… More generally, the IoT is becoming more and more frequent around us, and it is interesting to question the environmental impactLire la suite « IoT sensors for HVAC and their impacts on GHG, an LCA approach »

Our carbon and water footprint : -800 tCO2e/year and -25,000 m³/year

The end of the year is moving ahead and with it the time to take a look in the rearview mirror. Chloé Ponsart and I founded SENSOREA one year ago with the primary goal of reducing environmental impact on energy, water and waste. After this hectic year of activity in 7 countries in Europe andLire la suite « Our carbon and water footprint : -800 tCO2e/year and -25,000 m³/year »

COOTECH ASLSTOM / B-SENS research project conclusion

We have just completed the « COOTECH Smart Micro Sens » research project subsidized by the Walloon Region and the European Union. This project now allows SENSOREA to open up the field of application of its optical fiber sensor ( to the measurement of mechanical stresses thanks to the use of Bragg gratings. We would like toLire la suite « COOTECH ASLSTOM / B-SENS research project conclusion »