Our carbon and water footprint : -800 tCO2e/year and -25,000 m³/year

The end of the year is moving ahead and with it the time to take a look in the rearview mirror. Chloé Ponsart and I founded SENSOREA one year ago with the primary goal of reducing environmental impact on energy, water and waste.

Dawn in Stockholm during one of our energy and water travel in November 2021

After this hectic year of activity in 7 countries in Europe and North America, we are proud to announce our environmental results. In one year the savings made directly by our team are evaluated at 800 tons of CO2 and 25,000 m³ of water. This means that each employee working at SENSOREA has saved in 2021 the equivalent of 50 times their own responsibility in CO2 emissions and the equivalent of 10 olympic swimming pools.

Our job consists of measuring and monitoring the parameters of buildings, modeling their thermal and electrical behavior in order to predict their consumption and reducing these impacts using direct reactions on leaks and drifts, schedules, setpoints and other automation processes. 

Our growth plan is to double this impact each year. In 2025 this would represent 1 part in a million of the current european CO2 emissions (https://www.eea.europa.eu/ims/total-greenhouse-gas-emission-trends). Perfect illustration that the climate change is a finite problem to be tackled.

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