A Belgian theater goes for fiber optic for fire and intrusion detection

The Manege is one of the 6 theaters run by Mars – Mons arts de la scène. Housed in the walls of a former armory of 1903, it has been recently re-imagined by the architect Pierre Hebbelinck. With its large modular room, its rehearsal room with comfortable dimensions and its technical spaces, the theater can accommodate 558 spectators in the sitting position and 779 in the standing formula.

The theater has recently been equipped with an innovative detection system and patented by the company SENSOREA: the TPHASE. This sensor uses optical fiber to detect abnormal temperature changes wherever they occur along the fiber.

Two optical fibers with a length of 140 and 100 meters were laid in cable trays at a height of 10 meters at the periphery of the room and the stage. Each of the fibers monitors a part of the room (left and right). In addition, 10 conventional temperature sensors have been connected on a data bus. An interrogator, installed in the technical corridor behind the scene, alerts the user in the event of abnormal overheating (fire scenario according to the EN54-22 standard) or thermal disturbance during a calm period (night intrusion for example).

After the hotel sector, the detection of gas leaks and the detection of underground cable faults, the company EMPHASE adds the large halls sector to its credit in applications for the distributed detection of overheating by optical fiber.

More details on http://surmars.be/lieu/theatre-le-manege/ and http://www.emphase.be/en/tphase

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